How to Display Instagram Photos on Twitter Using IFTTT


Remember the days when you used to be able to share your photos from Instagram to Twitter and the image preview would display along with the tweet? Those were good times. Then Instagram decided to turn off Twitter Cards (which are what make it possible to display media with your tweets) shortly after Facebook scooped them up for $1 Billion back in Spring 2012. Isn’t that a coincidence?

Luckily, there is a way to bypass Instagram turning off Twitter cards so that your Instagram photos can display on Twitter. In this episode, I’ll show you a trick using website called that will allow you to do this. I originally learned about this trick from this LifeHacker article.

It’s time to stop settling for boring tweets with nothing but boring links to your boring photos on Instagram. No longer will you be forced to share your photos on Instagram AND on Twitter!

No get off your lazy ass and go do something awesome (after you watch the episode, of course)!

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