Unethical Content Marketing Practices on Facebook


I support our troops, I love Jesus and my mom, and I don’t need Buddha to deliver me a bunch of money, so for God’s sake, stop making me Like posts about it on Facebook!

In this episode of Lazy and Stupid, I take some time to vent about a content trend that has been taking over Facebook for a while now. It involves an unethical practice by which brands post content that plays on peoples’ emotions in a negative way simply for the purpose of increasing page engagement which, in turn, convinces Facebook to display more of their content to their fans.

I’ll explain why you, as a business owner or social media marketer, should avoid this form of content marketing, as well as how you can achieve the same result without exploiting your Facebook fans.

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Equipment and Software You’ll Need to Start a Vlog


Hello to all you lazy and stupid people out there, and welcome to the first episode of Lazy and Stupid. The topic for this episode is “Vlogging” (aka Video Blogging). More specifically, I’ll be talking about the equipment and software you’ll need to get your new vlog started such as the various camera and video editing software options available.

Below are the links to all the equipment and software I mention in the video:

Canon ELPH 300 HS (affiliate link)
Canon T3i DSLR (affiliate link)
Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra (affiliate link)
Rode VideoMic Shotgun Microphone (affiliate link)
Audacity Audio Editing Software

I hope you enjoyed the video. Now go vlog yourself!